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School Correspondence


About Educational Television (ETV):
Educational Television (ETV) began its services in 1971 with an aim to enrich students' learning experience through television programmes that align with the school curriculum. From serving only Primary 3 students at the start, the service has been extended to a wider audience with more and more varied productions.

Today, ETV programmes are produced to serve students from kindergartens to senior secondary levels as well as teachers and parents. The duration of programmes for kindergartens is 10 minutes while that for primary and secondary levels is 15 or 20 minutes. While programmes for students cover most school subjects, resource programmes for teachers and parents cover ideas on teaching and the latest developments in education.

Apart from television broadcast, ETV programmes are also available on this website and via the ETV mobile application. Some of these programmes have been re-packaged into DVDs and distributed to schools for use. To allow flexible use of ETV resources, chapters and videos segments of the programmes are also being made available.

Meanwhile, to better meet students and teachers' needs, we are diversifying our service by producing multimedia resources in addition to TV programmes. The recently distributed "2015 Pre-primary ETV Learning and Teaching Resource Package" which includes picture books, muppets, animations and songs is one such endeavour. The production of audio-visual resources such as video clips, sound tracks and photos is another attempt to provide schools with resources to facilitate the design of learning and teaching activities.

We will strive to develop more diversified learning and teaching resources. You are welcome to visit this website to learn about our services and provide comments on the resources for our further improvement.


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